Do you want quality support during pregnancy and childbirth?

Let's work together to help make your birth a positive and enriching experience. I have created unique packages to suit your needs for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, whether you simply need a support person at your next doctor's appointment, or you want on-call support for your labor and birth.

Our goal will be to create a team that will make you feel supported and confident.

Birth doulas are hired during the prenatal period. They provide resources for parents including: childbirth education classes, finding providers, navigating through birth interventions, comfort measures and postpartum training. They also help the birthing person’s partner find their role on the birth team by discussing fears or concerns and role playing. The doula adds one more person to the team that will support the birthing person and allow the parents to concentrate on the excitement of the birth of their child. Having a doula on your support team also means that you now have a birth expert in the room. Trusting the experience and guidance of your doula gives you more time to relax and be in your own body during the birth.