Do you want quality support during pregnancy and childbirth?

Let's work together to help make your birth a positive and enriching experience. I have created unique packages to suit your needs for pregnancy, birth and postpartum, whether you simply need a support person at your next doctor's appointment, or you want on-call support for your labor and birth.

Birth Doula Package $1200

  • Two 2 hour prenatal visits in your home
  • Email and phone support throughout pregnancy
  • Educational resources about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • Guidance creating your birth preferences
  • 24 hour on call support from 38 weeks of pregnancy until the birth of your baby
  • Continuous support during labor and birth
  • Additional 1-2 hours of support following your birth, including initial breastfeeding assistance
  • One 2 hour follow up visit in your home to talk about the birth and assist with breastfeeding or any other postpartum need.

Birth and Postpartum Package $2000

This package includes all of the support in the Birth Package plus an additional 16 hours of postpartum doula hours* to help ease your new family’s transition.

As your postpartum doula, I can be your tour guide. I help you cook meals, find time for self care, figure out your new baby carrier, pack the diaper bag for the first outing, find parent and baby classes in your area, attend your first public feeding session and just about anything else you need to feel supported. *Must be used in the first few weeks after birth.

A La Carte Doula Packages

These packages are for families that may need specialized package options to feel supported in birth:

Research and Team Building Package $600

This package includes all support services in the Birth Doula Package except for being on-call for and attending the birth. Families that could benefit from this type of package could include: families birthing in hospitals that do not allow an extra birth support person or families that want the intimacy of only family at the birth.




Custom Support Hours $200 / 2 Hours

This package includes 2 hour meeting times that can be used as the client needs. This is a great option for clients that feel like they need an extra prenatal visit to help with planning, someone to accompany the family to a doctor's visit for support or attend a childbirth education course as a support person. Other options to use these hours could include: additional prenatal education, birth plan rewrites, help changing providers, touring a hospital/birth center, attending appointments, filling in for a partner at a birth class, covering missed info, etc.