Doulas, do you need backup on call support for your clients?

Finding a supportive and reliable backup doula can be tough. I'm here to help you offer continuous support to your clients, even when you are unavailable.

Primary on call support: $40/day

Will you be unavailable at any time during the on call period? Will your regular backup doula be unavailable? 
  • Provide on call support for you and your client 
  • Email and phone support
  • Educational resources about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • Available to attend birth, if needed

Secondary on call support: $20/day

Is your regular backup unavailable? Do you need a short-term backup doula as a safety net?  
  • Provide backup support for doula
  • Available to attend birth, if needed

Labor support: $40/hr up to $500 for attending the birth

  • Meet client in the hospital or home within two hours of call
  • Continuous support during labor
  • Available to attend birth, if needed
  • Additional 1-2 hours of support following client's birth, including initial breastfeeding assistance

Other services:

  • Primary on call support for less than 8 hours per day: $20/day
  • In-person meeting with client: $50
  • Postpartum visit with client: $50 
  • Phone, Skype or Google Hangouts meeting with client: no charge
  • Meeting doulas for coffee: priceless :)

Unsure which option applies to your specific situation?

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(Currently only taking back-up clients birthing in Manhattan)